Friday, June 27, 2008


Why am I even writing this?..maybe to remind people that I am still alive, may be because Anjaneya asked why the blogosphere had been orphaned by me :P or maybe because I am not in a mood to write 2 pages(less than what Pranav has to write :D) on the Hanuffa Khatoon rape case (Railways v. Chandrima Das).
It has been 23 days since classes started..had landed here with high expectations(though the CLAT result had already made me learn my lesson but made the same mistake again). Doesn't mean, NUJS is bad. In fact it is great and more importantly it is fun to be here. It is one of the best legal institutions in the country..I won't say the best because of the following reasons:

a) NALSAR claims that the crown rests on its head..I believe I have better things to do in life than dispute this claim (no offence, it is just that I find it a little funny..though my sense of humour is not something that weary war veterans would recommend. If you are still not convinced, do not blame me that I did not warn you before.In fact this is precisely what I shall do- Statutory Warning: It is injurious to health.)

b)"Do not judge me till you have lived my life"- since I have never been a part of eminent institutions like Haldia Law College and BHU, I shall not comment.

Would be NLS and NALSAR 1st years leave tomorrow(at least my friends do)..5 years is a long time but I believe it shall serve only to make us stronger and more resolute.

I think, I should sleep now unless I want to be caught napping in tomorrow's a matter of fact, I won't be because I have this tendency of not falling asleep while lectures even when I haven't slept the night before.
Disclaimer: This does not mean, I will tolerate extremely boring lectures.. I can switch off even with my eyes wide open.

I guess I will close my eyes for now (I wont be able to switch off entire world of dreams awaits me and oddly(it is natural actually)I know exactly what it is about).

Good night

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