Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yet again

As usual, the title of the post has got to do nothing with the content. The title only speaks about my attempt to revive the blog again and like always, I promise to post regularly now (who am I kidding?)

Anyway, this post is about an article I recently read (as recently as today since it was in today's newspaper). While I do not agree with everything written in the article, it made for a compelling read and more importantly the message forming the crux of the article is something I really hope can be implemented.

The article is about how the policy to curb 'female foeticide' has not yielded the desired result (you will know why I write female foeticide within quotes once you read the article) and where is it that we have gone wrong and China and South Korea have gone right (my next step is going to read about the policies of these two nations). What stands out it that the authors (who are members of the National Advisory Council) have pointed out that the policy is flawed as it has always focussed in the poor while addressing the problem when clearly, the problem is deeply entrenched in the Indian society irrespective of the financial status of the offender.

Without boring you (not that anyone is reading), here is the link to the article: India & the sex selection conundrum
p.s. I would have prefered to post this on another platform that could reach out to a wider audience but well, I have my issues. Not important.

The image clicked by Mohd. Arif has been taken from the article I have written about. I believe The Hindu or the photographer will not sue me for copyright violation and in case they are offended, I hope they approach me first so that I can take it off, for despite being quite in love with IP law, I am not sure I would like to face the music though it will certainly be an experience!

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