Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pics say it all!!

This photograph appeared in 'The Hindu' yesterday. The guy has won the elections. He is going to be the CM for the third consecutive time. What I am unable to understand is that why did he have to shave one half of his moustache.

Any answers???????

Full marks to these two men for plunging their motherland into a needless crisis. If all they wanted was to witness mindless bloodshed and gory streets, they could have easily dusted the cobwebs off their playstations. Why toy with human life???????

Or if they were so utterly jobless, they could have gone to be the judges of some crap beauty contest(rajnath singh won't approve!) though I am sure, half of the contestants would have fainted at the sight of Mr. 'Dark Choclate'(with a lot of theobromine).

Oh! I don't want to get sued for copyright violation so the PM-in-waiting can claim the credit for Kibaki's new name.

p.s. listening to 'locking up the sun'.Revolution Roulette is going to be out soon.CoR rules though(till date i.e.)

Friday, March 7, 2008

3 to go....

Oh! OK.....I am supposed to be studying right now....but this is way better than the crappy CBSE English, so the nihilist in me is in no mood to listen to any sane advice at the moment...

It is only when you mess up your physics paper to an extent that you feel like whacking yourself on the head, that you realise the importance of studying throughout the year. You realise the fact that these exams are not just exams.

It is only when you know that the burden of expectations is high and you are being the Titanic( a very bad analogy, I know), that you realise that even a zener diode can change the course of your life.

It is only when a class III kid comes up to you, asks, "paper chal rahe hain?" and when you nod, amuses as well as triggers nostalgia with his response, "mere bhi", that you realise that how interesting can life be.

Man, I miss those carefree days when exams were just what they are supposed to be-fun!

Abraham Lincoln once said and I quote, "People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be."

p.s. The quote has been stuck(literally as well) to my memory by one of the most lovable people on the planet(and I would rather participate in conserving it......unless I want to get killed).

p.p.s. Forgot the b'day of a dear friend and the worst thing is that wasn't even admonished on wishing 2 days later. This is exactly the reason why people should not have their birthdays during exams or be at least on orkut, if they do.

p.p.p.s. (And this is when you realise that it is getting a bit too lengthy-just like the physics paper :-D)
MTNL is going from bad to worse.