Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Randomly Random

The way my posts are going, I thnk I should create a new blog-The most random blog in the blogosphere. Not that it would be any better, just that people who stumble upon this useless blog even after being warned by the title of the blog(ah! didn't someone say something about the forbidden fruit being the sweetest!), will save some precious time(a CS invitation has been multicasted; and I have just realised the value of my blog;however useless!)

Sometime ago, the question haunting me was, "Why did I mess up CLAT?" (written in direct speech to orchrest an unsuccessful attempt to dramatise things) but strangely I am at peace with myself now...Carpe diem! Period.

Now the paucity of time(a cliched excuse;it is actually brains) stops me from boring people further..did a sigh of relief escape someone's lips? :P