Sunday, August 17, 2008


The West Bengal National University of Juridical Sciences was established under the WBNUJS Act, 1999 (West Bengal Act IX of 1999) adopted by the West Bengal Legislature in July, 1999.

A gud 9 years have passed since the specific(can't help it; got a revision class tomorrow) university came into existence.

DATE : 17/08/2008
TIME : 9:30am (approx.)
VENUE : Somewhere in Calcutta (don't know the reason but i seem to prefer the old name to the new one; reason enough to send the 'nationalist' brigade in an overdrive to purge the 'westernised' youth ideas.)

A fragile figure standing by the side of the road, waiting for something on wheels to carry him to his destination.

A cab passes by. The driver looks at the guy standing on the pavement, flashes his dazzling golden teeth and says something incomprehensible.

Yours truly(YT, hereafter): NUJS..
Cab Driver(CD, hereafter): Stares blankly.
YT: hmmm...Law College?

The taxiwallah smiles. I smile back at him, relieved at the thought that I had finally found some solace for my weary legs and back(with a bag on ur back, and another in your hand, you dont really feel walking down 2 kms.)

CD: shottar taka (INR 70 for the uninitiated; please do not envy me, i m not in much better a position either)

Now, it is my turn to stare at him.

YT: 25 rupay lagte hain(i paid 30 while coming, but then bargaining is the birthright of every Indian.).
CD: nahi dada (since he has finally realised that this moron cannot speak in the language he should while in Bongland.)shaath (INR 60) se kam nahi. Hajira law college dur hai.
YT(pulling hair): Not Hajira Law College..N-U-J-S..hmm..uhmm..achcha, NIFT pata hai? fashion technology?

Confusion apparent on CD's face.

With a resigned look, I retreat back to 'my' pavement..the taxi driver after staring at me for a second or two, like I am weird creature from some distant planet, drives off.

Another cab, new driver, new hopes!

YT: Dada, NUJS (before the poor guy can open his mouth)..achcha, NIFT, beliyaghata..

The CD is still staring blankly. Suddenly I get a brainwave.

YT: Dada, food baazar?

CD: chalish taka

YT: tees?

CD seems to be contemplating the offer.

I start thinking of 2(a) and 2(b) and the remedies that I could take recourse to, in case the contract does not materialise. Before I can think of any cases, panic seizes and I realise this is my best chance.

CD: Dada...

YT (before CD can say anything else): Chalees, Chalees...

A smile plays on CD's face. I breathe a sigh of relief...



priyanka said...

Thankyou sooo much for writing "calcutta" instead of "kolkata"... Its been so long I saw it written!
I have and will always consider it to be calcutta!!!!

and i miss it..soooo much!..
Enjoy every bit of the history Naman!

The Nihilist said...

My pleasure :) As, i have written, i prefer the old names and this goes for the other cities as well. Bombay will always remain Bombay for me. It would have been awesome had Karan Johar not apologised for it.

Thanks! I will enjoy every bit of my time in the city! :)

Abhimanyu Hazari said...

I agree. Calcutta it shall always be.
Awesome stuff.
I'll be joining the college next month and was looking around for blogs that gave me some idea as to what the experience is like.
I haven't managed to find anything substantial to that end, but have realized that most people here write really well.