Saturday, April 19, 2008

Do I need a title?

The seemingly vast expanse of GK can confuse, daze and even depress quite a few people, especially those preparing for competitive exams like yours truly.

One can at times get the feeling that one really knows stuff and in the next instance, your world, in which you are a self-proclaimed genius, can come crashing down.

That is when you realise that GK is General Knowledge(Stop gasping;I am pathetic at abbreviations but that doesn't mean I didnt know this one) and 'general' encpompasses just about everything and everyone, you can possibly think of (of course, our dear politicians will beg to differ, particularly a certain Mr. Sycophant).

GK isn't just knowing why Avram Grant is still hopeful of a miracle(hell, even I am) or what does the flag of Mozambique look like. Knowing the name of your neighbour's dog or the number of comments Aamir Khan's latest post got is as much a part of GK!

15/04/08: The richest man in Italy won the elections to be the 62nd PM in 63 years. Ballots had been cast for 2 LS seats and 3 VS seats in UP.(Ulta Pradesh:as one of my friends would like to refer to it and he, certainly, is not Amar Singh).

7:30 pm : Papa gets home after a routine day at office.

In a bid to begin conversation(and to show that I am 'studying'), I shoot my mouth off, "Berlusconi won; 47:38 in both the senate and the lower house."

Dad: I don't care about Italy. Wahan to roz hi elections hote rahte hain. Who won in Murad Nagar?

Yours truly(completely zapped): Wahan ke to mujhe contestants bhi nahi pata :(

Papa: Both BJP and Cong are going to lose their deposits. Rajpal Tyagi seems likely to win though Ajit Singh has put all his weight(bacha hi kahan hai!) behind Ayub Khan.

Yours truly: Uhh..kkk...Murad Nagar..It is somewhere near Ghaziabad, ryt??!!
(Yes, I am bad at Geography. This incident led me to the conclusion that my condition is ruthful).

Hopefully, the CLAT people will ask better questions(better questions=questions to which I have a perefect answer) and I would rather be Alex Ferguson here!!