Friday, November 23, 2007

No Smoking

Burn your lungs,no issues but why do it in public? Why aspire to be convicted under section 307 when u can get away with 309?

Smoke,for all u can,but what is the need to dat in the face of other ppl? And no,it is not cool and kickass. On the contrary, it is rather disguting. I wud definitely read out the same msg aloud to all the chimneys (read public smokers) which WWE spectators reseved 4 Kurt Angle (yes,it is blatant plagiarism but cudnt find a better msg. Hope I dont get sued by the National Academic Coordinator).

p.s. If u need to pass by the Mathura Oil Refinery, think of the chimneys and the atomosphere will suddenly feel heavenly.

p.p.s I HATE PUBLIC SMOKERS bt i(dats very TOIish) guess that wont make much of a difference as I am no Angelina Jolie or for that matter Zhang Zi Lin.