Sunday, March 9, 2008

Pics say it all!!

This photograph appeared in 'The Hindu' yesterday. The guy has won the elections. He is going to be the CM for the third consecutive time. What I am unable to understand is that why did he have to shave one half of his moustache.

Any answers???????

Full marks to these two men for plunging their motherland into a needless crisis. If all they wanted was to witness mindless bloodshed and gory streets, they could have easily dusted the cobwebs off their playstations. Why toy with human life???????

Or if they were so utterly jobless, they could have gone to be the judges of some crap beauty contest(rajnath singh won't approve!) though I am sure, half of the contestants would have fainted at the sight of Mr. 'Dark Choclate'(with a lot of theobromine).

Oh! I don't want to get sued for copyright violation so the PM-in-waiting can claim the credit for Kibaki's new name.

p.s. listening to 'locking up the sun'.Revolution Roulette is going to be out soon.CoR rules though(till date i.e.)


Protiti said...
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Protiti said...

i passed a statement regarding africans in general, not bloodthirsty dictators!!! i mean, come on!! CAN a murderer be possibly compared to the elixir of life?????????????

p.s. i thought i had told u that i had given up on politics for the time being (thereby rendering you jobless)??