Monday, March 22, 2010


Ah, what do we have here? Finally, a new post. After more than a year, this dysfunctional blog is active again though I have no clue as to how long will this activity last.

Anyway, first things first. This is one of the few entries written with a purpose. For thanking people. Thank you Protiti :) Thank you Peter :) Now while they may themselves not realise it, these people have been instrumental in the demise of writers block (any one who has been directed here from the nujs blogs; I am certainly not talking of the NUJS variety). I can finally write my projects! (sigh of relief)

p.s. I have no words to describe the incompetency of Airtel Kolkata. Suffice to say that I would rather break my head against a wall than dealing with them.

p.p.s. ya, i know this post is hastily written; can hardly be called a good piece of writing; i have lost my flair for writing (was there any in the first place? :-o); you would rather not waste your time reading this blog; blah...blah...blah